Principles of Product Design

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Aarron Walter

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Joey Schaljo




2h 03m 52s

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Combined with the power of design thinking, these extensively researched best practices from some of the world’s best design teams will help you nail the fundamentals of product design and do great work.This audiobook includes:Learn what the best teams know—that customer research is the base of successful products and companiesHow product stories, journey maps, storyboards, and personas can build empathy and understandingHear how sketching helps designers and stakeholders find solutions together without getting lost in detailsHow design reviews, retrospectives, standups, and more can help create a culture of feedbackUsing prototypes to collect feedback and make tweaks before developmentImprove your process by bridging gaps between design, engineering, and productStepping away from your work to build partnerships will transform your design process

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 03m 52s

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