Real Estate Agent Career Bundle

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Richard M. Bray Martin G. Peterson

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Nick Dolle Jesse Gross




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The more you know about your customers, the more you can provide to them information that is increasingly useful, relevant, and persuasive.' - Jay Baer In today's market, a good real estate agent is identified by the way in which they are acting as experts with deep knowledge of the industry, they are responsive and always at the service of a client, meaning they can always be called upon to make a deal happen. Just as we live in an age where technological advancements are on the increase, it not enough to be able to show a client home or places to buy because they can see that for themselves from the internet and subsequently buy from there. You have to stand out to be different. Success in the real estate business means you need to be able to not only have all that information, but you should be able to also educate the buyers on what they do not know about these properties. Buyers feel confident in an agent who translates all the information for them and makes it easier to choose their preferred homes. This two-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks: 1. Real Estate Agent: The Keys To Start Your Career and Beyond as a Real Estate Agent 2. Sales: Essential Strategies for Being A GREAT Salesperson Learn and master the art of being a real estate agent! Get your copy of Real Estate Agent Career Bundle: 2 in 1 Bundle today!

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Duración: 51m 54s

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