Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Development Vol 1

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In this enlightening book, internationally renowned psychic, coach and author Elsabe Smit breaks down some key concepts of spiritual development into short, highly accessible articles, and provides ways in which the reader can achieve spiritual growth.Inspired by a lifetime of facing sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges, including drug and alcohol addiction of loved ones, an abusive marriage and other challenges, Elsabe examines the subtle nuances that influence our lives, and explores these age-old questions: Why are we born? What is the purpose of our lives? Is there life after death?Drawing on elements of quantum physics, plus works by some of the world's most prominent researchers and gurus in the fields of health, business and relationships, Elsabe will help you to understand the ancient mystery of Love.She will help you to regain control of your life and, using spiritual concepts, make sense of life's daily challenges.All life experiences, whether you label them as good' or bad', are simply stepping stones on a journey towards finding self-acceptance and compassion.In this highly practical guide to modern day spirituality, Elsabe shares her life experiences and wealth of knowledge gained over many years both on this plane and in psychic work.Elsabe will show you how to discover your true self and to appreciate the life you have been given.In "Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Development Vol 1" you will learn:Where do I find solace?How can I improve my karma?Why do we experience the dark night of the soul and how can we get through it?How do we match our expectations to the outcomes we get?What is the true meaning of time and numbers?Does faith require trust and belief?How do the risks we take strengthen our faith?How do you celebrate your beliefs?Did you know that clinging to the wrong idea can affect your health?Why is it important to live every day, not just Sundays, as part of your faith?How can the Law of Attraction give you the opposite of what you want?How do you have to explore your Awareness and find your spiritual teacher?How do you deal with tough decisions about injustice to others?How to practice detachment and improve your own judgementHow to find the gain from dealing with grief and deathHow to identify and eliminate your self-imposed labels and boundariesWhy should older people be respectedWho is your neighbour and how should you love your neighbour?How can you deal with prejudice?Why does the church discriminate against gay people and females?The book is written as a series of short articles.

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Duración: 1h 33m 59s

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