Stop The Clock

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The question ‘How to stop the aging processes?’ has engaged the human mind since inception of recorded civilization. During the last century medical science managed to double the life span of human species mainly due to prevention of diseases. Will the trend continue in future? Few renowned scientists are already saying that babies have been born who will live beyond 150 years. Is there any truth in these predictions? Anti-aging is an important issue because it has huge implications for us as individuals and society. If we are going to live longer then it is important for us to understand how the aging process works within our bodies. How it affects our mind and bodies? We don’t have to grow old with health problems and memory loss. This book examines facts from fiction as to what is happening in the field of anti-aging. By understanding the aging process, we can increase our youth span and live a healthy and productive life even as we age. What Customers are Saying? This is a fascinating read that delves into the latest scientific research on aging. W Smith I am a baby boomer and this book opened my eyes to the remarkable progress being made in the anti-aging field. How to stay young and maintain good health is a very important subject. This book is full of relevant information. Oded Ashe If you wish to grow old gracefully, in good health and full of vigour then this book will give you the right insights into what is happening in the field of anti-aging. Great read. Jose Varghese Fantastic read for old and young. Plan for your future Pamela Lyndsay

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