Storytelling Emotional Business

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Luke Raim

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Marcus Mulenga




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Do you wish you could communicate in a more effective manner?Are you tired of not being able to effectively get your point across to your audience? Do you want to boost your career, and you’re looking for the best way to do so? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are going to want to continue reading.Communication is a very important skill that everybody needsIt’s something that we use all of the time, yet very few of us know how to use the skill effectively. The best communicators can share stories and information with ease. They can be persuasive one minute, and then be encouraging the next. Communication skills is also something that could set you apart in the business world.We talk with each other every dayWhile that is a form of communication, it doesn’t mean that we do it well. Effective communication requires tact, skill, emotion, and the right attitude. Too often when we “talk” with each other, we forget about the little aspects of communication. We forget that our body language, tone, and more plays a big role in what message we are communicating. That’s why we’ve all had those moments where we thought we were being clear in our message, but the person we were talking to ignored us the entire time. It can be frustrating and maddening when people don’t understand what we’re saying.

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Duración: 2h 55m 28s

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