Success Blueprint, The

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Michael Tracy Brian Hatak Brendon Covey Stephen Burchard

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Brian Telestai Matt Buzonas




3h 33m 19s

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If you want to learn the secrets from the success blueprint on how to improve your time management and self-discipline, then pay attention...Do you have problems committing to a single task at a time? Not being able to accomplish a task? Constantly losing focus? Or managing your time management? If you do, within this audiobook, multiple successful people shed light on how they managed to overcome these situations and more.In this definitive guide, you will be taught:• The secrets to acquiring specific habits that will change your life.• A particular strategy to help you manage your time more effectively.• Multiple hacks on how to stay self-disciplined.• The blueprint for success.• And much, much more.The proven methods and pieces of knowledge within this audiobook are so easy to follow. Even if you have no clue about time management, self-discipline, and habits, you will still be able to improve upon them drastically.Would you like to know more?Download now if you want to have a productive life and wish to be successful!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 33m 19s

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