Summary of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch & Jeffrey Zaslow

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Maggi Mayfield




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If we were destined to perish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy? How would your Last Lecture be? The Last Lecture is not about dying, it is about the dedication to overcome your obstacles and seizing every single moment of your life. You could summarize it as "carpe diem" but it's not so simple. The book is about the accumulation of the life of a brilliant man whom after facing terminal cancer, notices he is near his last lecture, the last mark he would leave. And it can be a lesson to all of us, to live like we were going to give our last lecture in order to make the most of it."We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." - Randy PauschPausch's audiobook is a combination of inspiration, intelligence and humor which is the reason why The Last Lecture was such a successful release. An audiobook to encourage living our lives and continue moving forward despite how grim the situation might be.An inspirational tool to make you adopt an attitude of not giving up. An audio book to encourage us to leave a memorable legacy.

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Duración: 1h 27m 05s

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