Universe Is Calling You, The

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Escrito por

Victoria St. George Char Margolis

Narrado por

Natasha Soudek




7h 29m 04s

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Essence is the fundamental, universal, loving energy that connects the entire universe and all its living things. This universal loving goodness binds us all together in an intimate and powerful way. America’s beloved psychic Char Margolis shows listeners how to tap into the vital power of Essence and draw strength and wisdom from these deep, fundamental connections. Using the universal presence of the Essence, listeners will learn about the five sources of power and how to manifest them, about spirits and angels and how to benefit from their aid, the truth about living and dying, how to help departed loved ones find peace, ways to ward off negative and harmful energies, and much more…With Char as a guide, listeners will explore the vast and connected world of Essence and delve into their own inherent spiritual awareness.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 7h 29m 04s

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