Viva the Entrepreneur

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Brian Requarth

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Eleanor Caudill Brian Requarth




6h 18m 59s

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The entrepreneurial journey is lonely—especially if you’re looking to start a business in Latin America, where opportunities are ripe but resources are scarce. Brian Requarth is well acquainted with the challenges unique to this part of the world, having grown Viva Real from two people to over 500 employees, and tens of millions in dollars of revenue.Now, Brian wants to help demystify the obstacles you’ll face, teach what you won’t learn in business school, and offer you inspiration and encouragement on your journey.Viva the Entrepreneur shares the lessons Brian learned while building his company. He shows how to manage your own psychology and your operations, be it working with co-founders, building a culture, or managing a board of directors. Brian also reveals the secrets of scaling a business and best practices for raising venture capital in Latin America. You will develop an understanding of the most critical parts of an investor term sheet and gain perspective into the inner workings of the venture capital game.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 18m 59s

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