Whale Who Felt a Little Blue, The

Esta es la portada del audiolibro Whale Who Felt a Little Blue, The

Escrito por

Isla Wynter

Narrado por

Michael Hajiantonis




04m 14s

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Some days, Luka the blue whale doesn't feel happy at all. He gets angry, he's sad, he cries until the ocean is salty.His friend Jenny wants to help Luka, but how?Luckily, a wise mermaid might know what to do…This story gently introduces children to the symptoms of depression and gives advice on how to help others who're feeling blue. A book not just for children. This audiobook is recommended for:Children with parents, siblings, friends or relatives suffering from depressionChildren who show symptoms of depression and low moodAdults of any age who want a simple and relatable insight into what it's like to have depression.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 04m 14s

Publicado por Peryton Press