Motivational Quotes

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Phillip R. Rand

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Nick Dolle




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Do you love being inspired by the words of others?Do you find that inspiration can often be found from those who have already been in your situation?This audio book is packed full of brilliant quotes!Everyone needs a bit of motivation at times. Whether you play on a sports team and your coach inspires you, an instructor praises your work, or a boss is happy with your output, being motivated is what keeps us going and helps improves upon our performances every day.In this book, Motivational Quotes: Powerful Inspirational Proverbs For Happiness, Success, and Motivation, you will find a range of quotes that are designed to help you get going in the morning or carry on when it all seems hopeless.With quotes from some famous people, and maybe some you have probably never heard of before, Motivational Quotes has something for everyone, and for almost any situation.Get a copy. Get motivated. Each and every day!

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Duración: 15m 58s

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