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George J. Lewyn

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Jesse Gross




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Do you have something relevant to say or a skill you want to teach others?Have you wondered how you will get your message across?Have you considered creating your own podcasts?Podcasting has become one of the best and most economical ways of getting a message across to large audiences. The sky really is the limit when it comes down to it and there are podcasters who reach millions and have made millions into the bargain.Now, with Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting, you can learn how to do the same, with chapters that cover things like:How to choose a podcast niche that fits youBranding yourself for success from the startGet your podcasting equipment in orderPlan your podcast episodes with a purposeRecord and edit your podcast audio like a proIt is as simple as having an idea and getting the right equipment before starting your podcasting adventure and with Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting you will have all the advice and tips you’ll need to become a success.Your first podcast may be only days away!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 21m 26s

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