Qigong for Health and Healing

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James David Rockefeller

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Michael Stuhre




28m 33s

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Are you looking for a way to reduce stress? Are you interested in Chinese energy medicine? Would you like to learn meditation? Do you feel that seated meditation is quite boring? Are you looking for a more invigorating type of movement meditation that works your body as well as your mind and spirit? If yes, you should give qigong a try.Qigong, also spelled chi kung or chi gung, is a Chinese medical energy system that promotes health, flexibility, healing and spirituality through coordinated body postures, movements and breathing. You have probably heard of Tai Chi, which is often practiced by people interested in martial arts. Tai Chi, also known as Taiji Quan, is one style of qigong.Qigong offers a complete exercise system for the body and mind, incorporating slow, graceful, relaxed movements. Breathing is an important part of this system, and the movements and the breathing together combine to help you reach a meditative state.The aim is to let the Qi flow through all the channels of the body smoothly without any interruptions, thus removing all the devastating effects of stress, pollution, and diseases and restoring your body and mind to their original state.Interested? If qigong seems to be what you have been looking for, then continue with this guide.

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Duración: 28m 33s

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