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Michael Carr




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You’re tired of living from hand to mouth?You can reverse the trend with self-discipline, if failure is not an option. Think of self-disciple as a form of sacrifice, denying self life’s pleasures for a moment to gain better future return on investment on your time.You use the alarm clock for the occasional sleep over. But you could do without it. It gets complicated to control thoughts. You have conditioned the body to wake up at day break. Knowing self-discipline is a good starting point. Better yet, understanding how self-discipline shapes the foundation of success. Self-discipline is the ability to control, and manage your feelings, actions, and behaviors in order to channel them into productive use. The reason self-discipline is elusive is because it deals in abstracts.This book shows you: How Self-Image Influences Self Discipline. How Procrastination Holds You Back from Achieving Self Discipline. How Self-Discipline Shapes the Foundation of Success in Life. How to Set Achievable Self Discipline Goals. How to Hack into Self Discipline. How Self Discipline Determines Outcome. And Much More! In the world of acronyms, SCALE illustrates how self discipline works. SCALE in self -discipline context stands forSituation AnalysisCoping AbilityAcquired HabitsLid of LimitationExpected Desired OutcomeYour desire to master self-discipline hangs in the balance of meaning of the acronym SCALE. This is the area of possibility.The smell of failure stinks. The environment is reeking in the stench of undesired outcome of events and activities. And it is not for lack of resources, but self-discipline. Self-discipline—the ability to do what is right for you, family, in business and all areas of self-improvement is a priceless gift.Are you ready for more? Buy this audiobook right NOW and start your journey towards self-discipline and a life of greater freedom!

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Duración: 1h 14m 34s

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