Shamanic Healing Journeys

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Virginia Harton

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James Gourley Virginia Harton




1h 58m 37s

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By Virginia HartonThe shamanic energy is very powerful and can bring healing to you and your family lineage. In this audiobook Virignia Harton works inwardly and outwardly with you to help bring miracles into your life.It can help you feel more connected to nature and the animal kingdom. It can open you up more to your spiritual side.It can help heal energetic patterns of addictions or karma that may be tracking you and coming down through your ancestral family lineage.It can guide you towards reaching and fulfilling your life purpose. Track 1: IntroductionTrack 2: What is a shamanic healing/journeying?Track 3: Why do I call in the energy of the different directions?Track 4: What is shamanic drumming?Track 5: Journey to meet your shamanic guideTrack 6: Journey to meet your power animalTrack 7: Healing sweat lodge journeyTrack 8: Journey to release KarmaTrack 9: Journey to sacred mountain for chakra cleanseTrack 10: Journey to heal ancestral addictionsTrack 11: Vision quest journey

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 58m 37s

Publicado por Mindcool Productions

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