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Craig Beck




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Millions of people around the world have been diagnosed with incurable autoimmune diseases like Lupus. Debilitating conditions that make us tired, ill, and miserable. The only solution the medical industry offers are side-effect riddled maintenance drugs such as steroids and painkillers.Getting a formal diagnosis of Lupus is often a lengthy and challenging process. Many never get a medical confirmation of what is happening to their mind and body at all! Countless individuals live in constant pain and discomfort because they incorrectly assume all their health problems are the natural result of aging.Unfortunately, Craig Beck joined this ill-health demographic at the age of 48. After suffering months of severe symptoms, eventually, he too got handed the autoimmunity life sentence. However, rather than accept the hand as it was dealt. He remembered that the best medicine for a long and healthy life is found at the end of your fork, not the doctor's prescription pad.Craig decided to fall back on his research into natural medicine. He designed a diet and lifestyle that made inflammation the enemy and target. A process that would show amazing success at pushing Lupus firmly into near-permanent remission.In this special SLE addition of the Autoimmune Antidote, you will gain valuable insight into the new, natural approach that can help you prevent and maybe even reverse the life-limiting symptoms of Lupus and other inflammatory health

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Duración: 6h 42m 49s

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